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Arrangements and orchestrations can be heard on Broadway Star Steve Tewksbury’s Album “The Luckiest”, with Adam Bartley, the musical "The Presidents", a new repertory orchestration for Franks Loesser's "Guys and Dolls" and countless wind ensemble, brass ensemble, vocal ensembles and theatrical arrangements. As a composer he wrote the music for the national touring musicals "Viva Agua" (Book by John DiAntonio)  and "Mathstronaut"  (Book by John DiAntonio) and the improvised musical comedy "Pants on Fire".  He also composed the music for the plays Harry the Great (book by John DiAntonio) and Tamin of the Shrew (Book by Nagle Jackson),  as well as a jingle for a TCBY commercial.


Joseph Montelione

forging pathways
to improvise music

for classical, jazz, comedic, and church musicians

This book presents a different perspective on how to teach improvisation that helps cultivate an improvisational mindset regardless of genre. There is a growing market of educators and performers who have limited to no experience teaching, or playing improvisation. This book offers an approach to orient these educators and performers to better receive, appreciate and understand improvisational techniques. The book serves as a source for a pre-requisite course that forges pathways to improvise a variety of genres of music including classical, jazz, comedic, traditional liturgical music and contemporary worship music.


Young Rosita goes on a whirlwind adventure to save her family's farm from a devastating drought. She and her baby brother, Pepito, learn about the power of The Water Cycle as they follow water from the family's dried up well to the banks of the Rio Grande.  Their adventures include an encounter with the mysterious La Llorona and an epic battle with a T-Rex skeleton!  This high energy musical promises to get kids excited about conserving water and saving the earth.

ECPCViva Agua
00:00 / 01:04

Book: John DiAntonio
Music: Joe Montelione


The Mars Rover has mysteriously turned off. NASA has designed the smallest space module to date for the 245 day round trip journey. The spacecraft is so small they only have one option: To send a kid to Mars!

Young Isabella and her pet monkey Houston are chosen for this cosmic adventure. But Isabella has an achilles heal: Math word problems. Will they make it back from Mars in one piece? It’s going to take some serious problem solving. 

Cosmic AdventureViva Agua
00:00 / 01:04


Book: John DiAntonio
Music: Joe Montelione


Method Books for Brass Musicians

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