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Similar in vein to the idea of a concept album in which its tracks encompass a larger purpose  collectively than they do individually, "a concert with words" can be understood through the music alone. However, as a way to help the listener experience the story, a narrative is spoken by actors between pieces. An inversion of a typical "play with music", this "concert with words" was conceived and developed by Joe Montelione. The concert feature solo trumpet with an ensemble of nationally recognized musicians. 


Love had always been tough for Ames to recognize. Over time he learned he could only depend on three people: himself and his two best friends, Ralph and Chiara. As despair sets in , Ralph encourages Ames to ask Chiara on a date. Chiara, who had always feared living a lifetime of poverty, rejects Ames in favor of more attractive riches.

On this inspirational quest, will Ames find the courage to reconnect with his true self, dig himself out of despair and fight for true love? Does Chiara receive clarity and make the right decisions? In moments of tribulation, how are we able, if ever, to dig deeply enough to recognize our problems and utilize lessons from hardship to help us achieve our greatest potential? Or do we allow difficulties to shackle us to our own personal hell? The most pervasive and persistent question is this: Will it be a brief purgatory or forever enslavement?

Eros: A Concert With Words is a two-hour instrumental concert performing multi-genre music that connects

to a story. Featuring Joe Montelione on trumpet with a band of nationally known musicians accompanied by a 

couple of actors, "Eros" tells the story of two people who must discover the meaning of love before it is too late.


In a class of its own, Eros: A Concert With Words is an unprecedented artistic experience that explores superb musicianship coupled with powerful acting that come together to tell a poignant story of love and self-discovery.

Concert With Words is a completely unique artistic adventure, and quite literally a new approach to express

instrumental music weaving throughout the expressive narrative. The score organically propels the story while

the acting simultaneously supports the music.

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